Day 95 – It’s the Torygraph wot done it.

Who would have bet on that boring old rag (appropriately their dominical version) delivering a further weighty blow to M. Fillon’s Presidential ambitions?

France 2 (a State-owned TV channel, fitting with Fillon’s theory that this is all a State plot) will tonight broadcast a film of an interview given by his wife to The Sunday Telegraph soon after Fillon’s appointment as Prime Minister. It’s been on the internet for ages, but is now ‘withdrawn’ for dusting off and broadcasting tonight.

France 2 also helpfully got hold of some rushes from the interview which had not previously been used. Mrs Fillon says in this 2007 interview that she has “never” been her husband’s assistant nor has she acted in any communications role for him. Vive la différence between her and her husband’s view of what Mme Fillon does. The status quo? Or is it now even worse for Fillon.

We’ve equally been learning from Le Monde about Mr Fillon’s highly remunerative consultancy activities (sorry non-Francophones – but the numbers are all too easy to grasp). Set up by Fillon  13 days before he was re-elected MP which helpfully avoided the ban on MPs becoming consultants once elected.

Tricky choices face Les Républicains. How long can this daily dripfeed of dire news be allowed to continue?



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