Day 95 (part 3) – Le Pen again

Moi Présidente …

A long Le Monde interview heralds Saturday’s Lyon rally summarising Le Pen’s proposals for her first 100 days in office.

She would have an immediate referendum on changing the Constitution. She wants

(i) ‘a ban on communautairisme’ [This now-all-important word in French cultural life is very inadequately translated as ‘multi-culturalism’. A dog-whistle word. It summons up lots of demons. Eg, last summer, Sarkozy (talking of France’s identity) said France was a Christian country in its culture and its customs, while criticising the ‘tyranny of minorities’ and their communautairisme]; and

(ii) ‘authorisation of a priorité nationalé‘ [Another favourite National Front concept allowing French nationals priority in eg social housing and jobs, with a tax on every new contract of a non-French person.] Some will remember one G. Brown in his 1st speech as Labour Party leader urging the creation of ‘British jobs for British workers’. OK, it wasn’t a constitutional change he was suggesting, but even so.

Le Pen will also immediately post-Election start re-negotiating the return to France of 4 sovereign rights: monetary, legislative, budgetary and territorial. A Frexit referendum will be held 6 months after the Presidential Election. She would recommend Leave/Remain depending on the outcome of her negotiations.

Other ‘highlights’ of her interview: she won’t repay the EU Parliament any monies she fraudulently used paying FN employees (will it make any difference to her supporters? Not a jot); she will use ‘intelligent protectionism’ and protect the environment/health of the French. ‘Patriotism’ will be the basis of the programme and every measure taken will defend the interests of the French. [Remind you of anyone? One difference is that a ban on the entry of people from Muslim countries is, she says, not in her programme. Another difference is that her programme is called ]

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