Day 91 (pt 2) – Surely Fillon can’t survive

The thinning thread by which Fillon hangs.
Two leading investigative journalists at Le Monde  (Davet and Lhomme – they wrote the stunning book of interviews that finally did for Hollande) have just published information about Fillon’s children.
Fillon had claimed – as part of his first Operation Transparency interview a week back – that he needed to tell us that he had not only employed his wife but his children too. They had been working as his Parliamentary assistants. They had been employed for their ‘legal’ expertise (regardless that they were still not, it quickly emerged, qualified as lawyers at the time – see Day 99 Lawyergate).
Fillon has (report Davet and Lhomme) admitted to those conducting the judicial enquiries that he actually employed
  • his daughter to help him write his book La France peut supporter la vérité (sic) and
  • his son to work on Sarkozy’s Presidential campaign.
None of the above appear, at first (and maybe second) glance, to be the sorts of activities that Parliamentary assistants perform at the expense of the nation.

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