Day 90 – Dear Reader: A question to you

A Question to Readers.

My attempt to blog for 100 days until the Presidential Election has become a near-obsessive challenge. The self-imposed pressure to post requires me to pick up that quotidian gauntlet.

If that’s how it is for me, what’s it doing to some of you poor folk? Every day without fail, sometimes twice (heaven forfend, even thrice), arrives That Email presaging possibly yet more characters to absorb in this near-endless cast. It could all become something of a struggle.

For those seriously interested, news-sites abound (mostly francophone) providing a regular fix of breaking news. My occasionally different take may provide ‘something else’. Greater infrequency on my part should provide a better perspective on what’s happening, and less instant semi-analysis.

My question to you, then, Dear Reader: Did you intend to sign up for this?

What would be your optimal time between posts? Remember your answer could affect the size of your inbox for EIGHTY NINE MORE DAYS.

Should it be

  • whenever I have anything to say?
  • daily?
  • twice-weekly?
  • weekly?

Please do let me know what you think. Any reaction at all. Post a comment here or email.

Sarkozy trial

The announcement that Sarkozy, and 13 others, will be tried for exceeding the legal limits on funding his last Presidential campaign, having hidden some €15 million expenses, (a) adds more grist to Le Pen’s mill and (b) since Fillon was Sarkozy’s PM (both Républicains) hardly helps Fillon.

Fillon’s answers

The Saga Continues. If Fillon had hoped yesterday’s press conference would allow him to move on from endless FunnyMoneyGate stories, he will be seriously disappointed by today’s headlines. (Guardian-like) Le Monde: ‘The inaccuracies and approximations of François Fillon’s defence.’ (Telegraph-like) Figaro: “Penelope’s British interviewer denies Fillon’s version”.

Macron’s denial

Last night Macron arrived unannounced at a Paris meeting of his party. In front of 1000 people, he directly addressed rumours circulating for several months in newspapers and social media. He said he was not gay, saying “If they tell you I’m living a double life it’s my hologram that’s escaped” (referring to Melenchon’s Sunday meeting).

If he is telling the truth, fine. If he is gay and had come out, fine also – France has elected many out gays to public positions. If he has not told the truth we could well be moving a step closer to President Le Pen.




4 thoughts on “Day 90 – Dear Reader: A question to you

  1. My view on frequency of posts: a Breaking News type flash whenever something noteworthy happens, with minimal if any analysis
    A mid week update with more analysis and comment.
    A weekly full round up of developments, comments, analysis

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  2. My preference would be for a daily e-mail – either in the morning, summarising the previous day, or early evening. I wouldn’t expect you to provide commentary on breaking news (e.g. on Fillon’s press conference) for which there are other channels.
    If you have the energy, a weekly summary as Helen suggests, would be a good complement.

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