Day 76 – Apocalypse Now

Yes. I know. I said these blog-posts would appear every 3 days. But I have to admit it: I’m seriously worried. It’s easy – especially in the febrile atmosphere that’s the current state of my mind – to get worked up over one opinion poll, but this one seems important.

An internet poll was conducted 18-20 Feb by ELABE for Express/BFM TV (1000 people). Voting intentions were asked depending whether centrist Bayrou did/didn’t stand. [If true to his word, we’ll at last be out of our semi-interested misery tomorrow.]

Their first round poll (compared to their last poll figures ten days ago) shows Le Pen climbing to 27-28% (+2), Fillon up to 20-21% (+3) and Macron dropping to 17-18.5% (-5), with Hamon/Melenchon both out of it at 12-13%. In Round 2 Fillon defeats Le Pen 56 – 44% (Men being 50-50 between the 2, but Women supporting Fillon by 62-38%).

So why am I worried? ELABE could be a rogue poll. Two polls (IfopFiducial OpinionWay interview a new 500 daily – which are added to the results from the previous two days) still show Le Pen at 26% and Macron/Fillon level on either 19% or 21%. Neither of those other polls has detected any strengthening in Le Pen’s 1st round vote, nor a drop in Macron’s.

What makes me think ‘something may be up’ are answers to various other questions:

  • a third of those polled by ELABE did not say how they would vote in a Le Pen v Fillon run-off
  • compared to a week ago, the subjects that will most count with OpinionWay voters in deciding how to vote remain Employment (53%), Social Protection (45%) and Purchasing Power (44%); BUT Terrorism is now 38% (+1), Law and Order 36% (+3) and Immigration (32%)(+5)
  • 84% of OpinionWay voters polled think the campaign is of bad/very bad quality
  • although a drop in Macron’s vote hasn’t been identified by OpinionWay only 32% now think he will be President compared to 40% some days ago; while 21% would like to see Le Pen as President – higher than for any other candidate.
  • Fillon’s voters are almost as certain to vote for him as are Le Pen’s for her; while Macron’s vote remains totally flaky.
  • more Macron troubles: his budgetary/fiscal programme was promised for last week, then tomorrow, it’ll now be available Friday; as Le Monde said ‘Waiting for Godot”.

This may be the start of Something Really Bad.

Days, days, days

For anyone counting, apologies for a small snafu regarding my ‘Days till the Election’. Hopefully now corrected.

2 thoughts on “Day 76 – Apocalypse Now

  1. A betting man? Me? Which thank the Lord I’m not Sir.
    You can’t get more than 5-2 against Le Pen, 9-4 Fillon and 2-1 Macron.
    Not very generous odds against Le Pen considering all the know-alls who say the Vote Républicain will unite around her opponent come-what-may.


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