Day 14 – Round 1 (part 2)

Queues Overseas
France’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs – responsible for the organisational arrangements of the vote by French citizens who live overseas – has responded to ‘complaints’ of very long queues to vote. BBC reports (at 13:57) claimed that people in Kensington, London were waiting two and a half hours. A spokesperson said ‘Overall there aren’t major problems with the progress of the vote, even if it’s true that there are some queues here or there.’ But some specific difficulties were admitted for Montreal: it’s said that there [and Toronto too] people waited three hours to vote. Some photos of queues.
The Ministry allegedly took the view that there would be a voter turnout equivalent to that of 2002’s dismal disaster – despite the fact that just about every opinion poll over the last few days foresaw a turnout very close to 2012’s 79.5%, even if there was great uncertainty as to how people would vote. [To almost the very end of its term, this Administration appears to have called it wrong so often.]
The Ministry say they will review arrangements for the 2nd round of Presidential voting, in the light of today’s turnout.
However there is no question of reversing the decision not to allow electronic voting for June’s Parliamentary Elections: a Governmental decision was taken early last month to introduce such a ban, following an internal audit of the potential risks.
Sometimes she’s media-savvy
All candidates, bar one, will be in Paris for tonight’s results.
Le Pen stays in Henin-Beaumont: the north-eastern stronghold where she votes.

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