Day 14 – Round 1 (part 6)

Macron and Le Pen both qualify for Round 2

For the first time ever under the 5th Republic, neither the Socialists nor the conservative Right will be in the 2nd Round.

Different analyses from the 2 major polling organisations at 20:00 –

Ipsos on France 2 gives Macron 23.7% and Le Pen 21.7%

Unfortunately, the vast majority of French people who watch TV will be watching TF1 where Sofres give both Macron and Le Pen 23%.

Ipsos says that both Fillon and Mélenchon will end up with 19.5%, while Sofres gives them both 19%. Hamon is initially forecast to end up with an awful 6.2%, only just ahead of Dupont-Aignan (the man who walked off his TF1 interview) who is on 5%.

Baroin, Fillon’s non-PM, says that he will vote Macron in Round 2.

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