Day 7 – In a week it’ll be too late to vote

This Lady’s for Turning: U-Turn on the Euro

Le Pen announced – part of (and semi-attributed to) her link up with Dupont-Aignan – a major policy change on the Euro, plus she abandoned the 3% tax on all imports. Le Pen had told us she would immediately, on election, negotiate to leave the Euro. But today: it’s off the agenda. ‘We can still do lots of things for the purchasing power of the French’ without leaving the Euro’ says Philipot (Le Pen’s N°2).

This (comments boss of pollster Elabe) could have a major effect on retired voters, particularly ex-Fillonists. Threats to leave the Euro, said he, had been a serious Le Pen turn-off,  because of its possibly significant adverse impact on personal finances.

The Return of the Dinosaur

You may recall those foul remarks by Le Pen’s father about the moving speech by the widower of the police officer murdered on the Champs Elysées. I wrote (Day 9) ‘Will Marine Le Pen simply disown her father?’

And it came to pass in Le Parisien today: ‘[Le Pen’s] sentiments are odious. I don’t talk to him. I no longer have any contact with him. I am not responsible for my father’s gaffes, for his unacceptable statements … My father’s been excluded from the FN. He does what he wants. It’s not my concern.’

Was it all just a foul publicity stunt? Le Pen (father) pleases the Extremely Mad Right. Le Pen (daughter) pleases the Almost Extremely Mad Right.

Mélenchon – coda

Having now had the chance to watch all his YouTube video, I see that Mélenchon found a teeny point of separation between Le Pen and Macron. While attacking Macron’s ‘extreme finance … which is going to cut off what remains of our social benefits’, he judged Le Pen as ‘still worse’.

Le Pen addressed Mélenchon’s followers describing his campaign as ‘respectable’ with its tricolores and its Marseillaises. [It wasn’t only me that noticed, then.]

Mélenchon hasn’t said what he intends to do come June, but he’ll ‘transform all this into a conquering force’. As for himself, he said ‘My health is good. I’m not withdrawing from political life. I’m not retiring. I’m not depressed. I’m ready for a fight and I’m staying.’

Hymn to Brittany

‘I wanted to finish my term of office in Brittany’ said President Hollande. ‘We need some fresh air, because there have been ill winds … the winds of nationalism, of retreat, of fear.’ He said he feared ‘deliberate abstention’ favouring Le Pen and called for ‘a large vote in favour of Macron’ and against those who want to ‘separate, set apart, oppose’.

President Hollande will hand over to his successor on 13 or 14 May.

Parliamentary Elections

The last date for nomination candidsates for the Parliamentary Elections is 19 May: not that much time for deals post-Presidential Election.

The Communists met Mélenchon’s Insoumises to work out how to avoid fighting each other everywhere. The former said the meeting was ‘interesting’, the latter said ‘we didn’t progress much’. The latter said we proposed each party shouldn’t stand in 15 constituencies, but the former wanted 37 constituencies against our 15 – ‘rather unreasonable’.

Hamon’s perhaps toying with the idea of ‘building’ (sic) on his Presidential campaign by setting up a group comprising Socialists, Greens and (maybe) Communists and fighting 50(ish) seats. But a prerequisite for such a manoeuvre has to be a deal with Mélenchon – after all he did get triple Hamon’s vote.

Valls (former PM, defeated by Hamon for the Socialist candidature) wants to stand for Parliament in his old seat, and then perhaps form a small group of Socialist MPs who could negotiate a deal with Macron.

Macron’s reiterated his rejection of any coalition with either Républicains or Socialists. ‘My objective’, he said, ‘ is an absolute majority in the Parliamentary Elections … Subsequently, there will be a reorganisation of political life which will result in Républicains and Socialists joining me individually.’

Le Pen prepares her next Globalisation speech (and Mélenchon too?)

‘I’ve no doubt that if Emmanuel Macron is elected – which I hope for – he’ll be a strong President’ (Bunderkanzler A. Merkel)

(The Final Sunday) Out on the Streets

Lots and lots of sunny smiling Macronists everywhere today. Hope no-one comes and bursts their pretty balloons and takes their [Presidency] away.


A circle of inward-looking Front National heavies huddled intent on trying to hand each other Le Pen leaflets. They made it clear from their facial expressions that they remembered ticking the ‘No Publicity’ box … thus didn’t expect any. These picture are unlikely to reveal much – even with both ‘faces’ and ‘legs’.




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