Day 4 – Debates never change anything … EXCEPT THIS TIME SURELY

Lies, damned lies and Mme Le Pen

Two and a half hours of tense, aggressive non-debate.

Le Pen, from the very first minute, seemed like a mad street-fighter on speed who knew she wasn’t going to be President, couldn’t win under any circumstances, and had decided to go down by appealing only to her most hard-core voters.

Her politics – whenever she tried to explain any particular subject (eg the Euro) – was totally incomprehensible. Was this just a repeat of Trump’s tactics? She also – again like Trump – constantly lied.

Le Pen clearly had decided not to respect the rules of the Presidential Debate, not to respect the idea of having any sort of serious exchange, not to do anything other than leer with her totally sarcastic grimace.

There was a total lack of solemnity about everything to do with Le Pen’s comportment, attitude and language. A total lack of respect of the French people.

If this doesn’t cause Le Pen to drop several points below 40% within 2 days it either proves that

  • no-one really watched the Debate, or
  • French voters don’t give a damn.

‘One doesn’t debate with the extreme right, said Jacques Chirac. That is without doubt the only lesson of the 2017 Debate’ (blogged Cedric Pietralunga, Le Monde journalist, 5 minutes after the non-Debate started).

Macron’s attack against Le Pen was that she’s ill-prepared and constantly tells untruths. Le Pen’s line against Macron is that he is the son of the system and the elite.

Macron was as good as I’ve ever heard him.

Here is a report from the BBC for anyone who wants to re-live the foul-tempered and almost entirely unedifying evening.

Opinion polls

Elabe (1300 tele-spectator voters during and after the Debate)

Who was more convincing? 63% Macron  34% Le Pen

  • 58% of Fillon supporters thought Macron was most convincing, 38% Le Pen
  • Even 8% of Le Pen voters thought Macron was most convincing

Who has the best project ? Macron 64% Le Pen 33%

Macron is the more honest and closer to the voters’ own ideas

Who is more likely to change things? Macron 53% Le Pen 44% [this is a turn-round from earlier polls]

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