Day 1 – And in the end … it’s Day ZERO tomorrow

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A lovely piece with an overview of the Election from the BBC’s Naughtie this morning on Today at 15:30 [Health Warning – multiple mentions of cheeses may cause salivation].

A further item from the Beeb’s Paris correspondent, Kirby on yesterday’s World at One  at 38:35 [Health Warning – La Vie en Rose played on an accordion, with accompanying unoriginal metaphor, starts this report]

Cyber-attack on Macron

The National Commission for the Control of the Presidential Election Campaign (CNCCEP) has an oversight role in relation to media/internet coverage of the Presidential Election.

Soon after midnight last night (Friday) the CNCCEP published (in French) a ‘Recommendation to the media following the cyber-attack against Mr Macron’s campaign team’ . The media were reminded that the ‘quiet’ period had started at midnight on Friday. [During the quiet period – from midnight on Friday until the close of voting at 20:00 CET Sunday evening – ‘communication of any sort of electoral propaganda’ is banned.] The media, especially their internet sites, were warned against ‘reporting the contents’ of the emails … and particularly against ‘spreading false information’ which might be a criminal act.

The CNCCEP followed up this morning with a further reminder (in French) ’emphasising that spreading or repeating such data, obtained fraudulently, and which has apparently been mixed up with misinformation’ is likely to be a criminal offence for which such people would be liable.

It was extraordinary, if utterly predictable, to see how many thoroughly ignorant people got involved instantly. In the light of their spelling/Twitter handles/general inability to comprehend anything ‘foreign’, these people were, apparently, largely from the USA (but, then again, maybe they’re all Russian?) The main complaint seemed to be a scream of ignorant abuse against the Authorities for closing down legitimate debate. ‘No free speech in Europe’ said one idiot.

Who can vote – and when?

I believe that the information contained in my Day 15 post still remains broadly true for this 2nd Round. The only difference, perhaps, is that in some Canadian cities additional helpers might be available to reduce the possibility that people have to queue for upwards of 3 hours to vote.

Day Zero

See you tomorrow.

Apologies in advance should the weight of daytime communications appear over-generous.



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