DAY ZERO (Part 1) – Turnout lower

Mid-day turnout

Macron voted at Le Touquet (accompanied by scores of snappers). Le Pen voted, a few minutes later, in Henin -Beaumont. Sarkozy and Mélenchon voted in Paris. Fillon has given up on public appearances and has given a proxy vote to a friend. Hollande voted in Tulle saying that voting is ‘important, meaningful, with serious consequences, one must always vote’.

Apologies to whoever took this excellent pic for being unable to accredit them: Femen demonstrators at a building site close to where Le Pen voted this morning.  [‘Le Pen in power. France in despair.’]


At midday over the country as a whole, 28.23% have voted – only once since 1981 has turnout been lower at midday (26.19% in 2002). In the 1st Round at midday 28.54% had voted.

This seems to indicate that there is very likely to be a lower turnout than Round 1. And to make things still more difficult turnout-wise, tomorrow is a public holiday here in France, so some voters may have gone away for the weekend. All of which just adds to the political non-voting issues facing many voters.

Radio pictures

More lovely words from Jim Naughtie on the BBC’s Broadcasting House at 32:50: nothing startling (I think) but a delightful rendering of (though I say so myself) certain of the contents of my Posts Past. [Health Warning: The piece is introduced by a gag to which some may take exception.]

Statistical non-sense, which ‘means’ nothing at all, from our own conservative town

  • Round 1 turn-out 2012 77%
  • Round 1 turn-out 2017 81%

2017 Round 1 vote (2012 non-equivalent in brackets): Fillon 37% (45%), Macron 32% (centrist Bayrou 12%), Mélenchon 11% (7%), Le Pen 8% (9%), Hamon 6% (23%)

  • Round 2 turn-out 2012 81%

2012 Round 2 vote: Sarkozy 63% Hollande 37%


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