DAY ZERO (part 5) – I got rather tense in those final ten seconds leading up to 20:00

‘RESULT’ (at the time of writing)

  • Macron 20.5 million
  • Le Pen 10.7 million
  • Spoilt votes 4.2 million
  • Abstainers 12 million [for the 1st time since 1969 more voted in Round 1 than 2]

War breaks out in the Front National (as predicted by your humble scrivener)

We learnt tonight that the Front National are somewhat particular about which journalists they want to share their evening with. Representatives of some 15 media organisations had not been given the right to participate in the ‘celebration’ evening and were not accredited, allegedly due to lack of space. Following which, other journalists decided to boycott the Front National wake in the east of Paris.

Le Pen said in her ‘concession’ speech: ‘France has voted for the continuity’. She referred to the fight between ‘patriots and globalists’. Importantly, she spoke of a ‘new political force from tonight … with a profound transformation of the Front National’.

Philippot, Front National N° 2 said that of course there had been no ‘Republican front against them  … because we are all republicans.’ He said ‘the Front National is going to evolve. By definition things will change … [there will be] a new political force which by definition will not have the same name … the alliance with Dupont-Aignan will continue; we have a real alternative patriotic project’.

Jean-Marie Le Pen – talking about the proposed transformation of the Front National – said: ‘That’s not up to Marine Le Pen nor Florian Philippot who should be discreet in the light of this evening’s failure. That’s up to the party. Philippot mustn’t show off nor propose a change of name. He shouldn’t forget that he’s a guest in this house … The disappointing score of Marine Le Pen was due to the policies on Europe, the Euro and retirement at 60.’

Marion Maréchal-le Pen immediately called for a ‘reflection’ on the strategy which the Front National pursued during the campaign.

Spoilt ballots

Some 9% are thought to have voted with a blank ballot: an all-time record. That’s about FOUR MILLION voters who went to their polling station and spoiled their vote.

Mélenchon: Et La Lutte Continue

‘The programme of the new Presidential monarch is known. It’s war against the social benefits of the country and ecological irresponsibility … on 18 June our resistance can win the battle.’

President-Elect Macron

After a good minute of technical cock-ups at the Macron HQ – which included a subtle large hand placed in front of the TF1 camera to prevent us seeing what was still not ready for the humble viewer to absorb, we had an extremely grave and solemn ‘acceptance’ speech. And, it has to be said, it was scarcely uplifting. He still cannot read really well from a tele-prompt.

Macron becomes France’s youngest-ever President. He is even younger than Louis Napoleon Bonaparte elected in 1848 aged 40.

When he finally arrived at the Louvre victory celebration at 22:35, he entered the Esplanade of the Louvre theatrically alone – walking somewhat mechanically – with Beethoven’s 9th Symphony ‘Hymn to Joy’ [Euro-anthem] playing loudly. [Tweet from Philipot: First Macron act. Kill the Marseillaise and enlist eternal France, the Louvre, in   federal Europe and its ‘hymn’]

But once he got on stage in front of all the thousands of massed supporters he was more relaxed: he blew kisses to the crowd and didn’t (thank goodness) wink at anyone.

He spoke with much more fervour (almost too much) against the backdrop of the Louvre Pyramid. [He spoke about reconciliation: but I thought that his whole point was that he was he was going to change everything. Still, early days.] He again immediately stopped his supporters whistling Le Pen and her voters. He said he wanted to ensure that at the end of his 5 years voters would see no further reason to vote for extremism.

Some good moments at the end of his speech when, first, his wife (apparently in tears), and then all his extended family arrived to surround him.

And then off to a celebration with family and friends, but not in a posh(ish) brasserie, as at the end of Round 1. Supper’s been ordered in to the campaign HQ.


‘I look very much forward to working with him’ (sic)

He will be able to do so from next Sunday when Macron will become President.


‘I look forward to working with you’.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Unlikely.

Legislative Elections

They’re on the way – and I’ll do my best to provide some sort of commentary.

Bye for now

Thanks for all your comments and ideas.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these posts as much as I have.

See you again soon … but under a different banner evidently.

And special thanks to all those who’ve been there for every one of those Hundred Days: Count-Down to a new President.



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