Substantial overall majority forecast for … the stay-aways

‘Right and Left try to survive against Macron’ (Le Figaro front page lead)

At midday, 17.75% of the electorate had voted in Round 2 of the Legislative Elections – the lowest midday turnout for over 20 years … and the first time in 20 years the turnout dropped in Round 2 compared to Round 1 (down 1.5 points).

What does this presage? Almost certainly, an even-bigger-than-forecast overall majority in the National Assembly for the President’s LREM Party (and its MoDem partners), as supporters of all other parties absent themselves in droves. 450 out of 577?

And the biggest losers are? Both the Front National and Mélenchon’s hard left France Insoumise [variously translated as France which is Unsubmissive or Indomitable or Unbowed or Untamed or Rebellious].

  • Le Pen’s 7.7 million votes in Round 1 of the Presidential Election slumped to 3 million votes (down 61%) for the Front National last week.
  • Mélenchon’s 7.1 million votes in the Presidential shrank to 3.1 million (down 56%) for his LFI candidates in Round 1.

It was a sad irony for the Socialists/Greens that Hamon’s desperate Presidential candidature for the Socialists yielded 2.3 million votes, while Round 1 of the Legislatives produced 2.8 million votes … the only political grouping to increase their support.


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