Hold the front page. Change of plan (and gear). Governing in (right-leaning) poetry is now to be the order of the day.

Le Roy le veult

Last week, Prime Minister Philippe announced that tax cuts were regrettably (due to circumstances beyond his control – ie a worse-than-expected financial situation inherited from profligate Socialists) if not on the never-never, necessarily on the back burner.

Then Jupiter intervened.

A source confirmed to Le Monde: ‘The President has said he wants …’

  • no delaying consultation on the proposed cuts to the local property tax, and
  • no delays in ‘improvements’ in wealth tax [investments will no longer be counted as ‘wealth’, only property (previously theft) is wealth].

These tax give-away goodies WILL now both be implemented with effect from 2018 … at the same time as the increase in a tax that will hit the (collaterally-damaged) retired.

‘Him Jupiter Me Hermes’

This should not necessarily be seen as a variant of the ‘Me Tarzan You Jane’ trope.

But the question must be asked: is it just possible that Jupiter’s intervention on the timing of the tax cuts was brought about by Hermes? Only a pedant would surely remonstrate that one’s a Roman deity and the other’s Greek. Well it seems that ex-Républicain Economics Minister, Le Maire, has got a problem or two in that area. While waxing mythological in New York – drumming up American investment for France – Le Maire got slightly carried away, self-describing as ‘Hermes the Messenger‘ (in French). [Irrelevant note: President Macron was himself once Minister of the Economy]

Anyway, this weekend, Le Maire (in his Hermetic role?) appealed to the President, on TV and at a conference of business leaders, that those tax breaks which the dilatory PM was prevaricating over should be introduced sooner. ‘I believe’ said Le Maire ‘that we can cut public spending very significantly … and lower taxes … all at the same time and now.’

Perhaps Hermes knew he could publicly renounce (denounce?) Prime Minister Philippe so overtly because he’d spent his weekend with Jupiter – not on Olympus, but at the G20.

And now the PM has given an interview to the Financial Times in which the PM says it’s Tax Breaks Bonanza time – and he’ll be telling Parliament about it all in the coming days. The carping FT ungenerously called it ‘backpedalling’.

The unequivocal message from Paris, intended to be heard by post-Brexit City folk slamming the London door:

‘O come, all ye bankers, joyful and triumphant! O come ye, O come ye to Pa-a-ris.’

Hollande’s Presidential campaign message (in French) ‘My true adversary has no name, no face, no party … [it] is the world of finance’ followed up by his spectacular 75% own goal tax on million euro salaries seems an aeon ago. While one can only aver that the PM’s announcement of endlessly-delayed tax cuts is, literally, so last week.

The Yanks are Coming

They (and He) are on their way.

And talking of Olympus

Surely Jupiter’s presence in Lausanne will deliver the 2024 Olympics: Paris Expects.


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