‘As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted’

Thus began Sir William Connor (the Daily Mirror journalist who wrote under the pseudonym ‘Cassandra’ for over 32 years from 1935) when once again able to pen his regular column, following a short pause for World War II.

Nothing as dramatic to explain this blog’s recent extended silence. Admittedly, there were a few uneasy moments as The Mad Men vented their Mad Rhetoric [kudos to those asking Twitter why threatening nuclear war is not a violation of their Terms of Service].

However, my non-appearance has been down to the thorough inadequacy of internet connections in deepest Finistère (literally The End of the Earth – next stop America).

Those who’ve been missing an occasional communication will doubtless be reassured to learn (as the Beeb advised viewers when gremlins interfered with transmissions in bygone decades) that ‘Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible’:


Image result for normal service will be resumed

Happy Anniversary

‘The chief forms of beauty are order and symmetry and definiteness’ (Aristotle). Only churls would disagree with the beauty of the news that this blog started 100 days before the election of President Macron … while today is his Hundredth Day as President.

More anon.

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