Typing too fast, when you’re definitely no typist, can be a serious hazard. Countless hundreds of just-about-to-be-published occasionally semi-amusing words were wiped off my blog through my (I suppose) unserendipitously pressing simultaneously both ‘delete all’ and ‘publish’ keys. And all that was left was the title. Hey ho.

So my thoughts/reports on

  • the President’s ginormously weighty interview in Le Point
  • the Loi de Travail – and the reactions of business (loved it) and trade unions (very divided)
  • the Senate Elections, where the President’s Party will not be able to get enough Senators elected so as to be able to have a cumulative two-thirds majority overall and thus make changes to the Constitution without the need for a referendum

have just been permanently and definitively wiped.

Read President Macron’s 12 page interview in French here – and there’s one cute dog pic.

Sorry about that. See you next week.

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