Micro-reshuffle. No-one hurt.

The personal is political … sometimes it’s even a bit fiscal The sudden resignation of environmental rock-star and TV pundit Nicolas Hulot – from his all-too-impotent role as France’s Environment Minister – was, said President Macron (in a largely unsuccessful attempt to downplay the significance of Hulot’s departure) a ‘personal decision’ which he ‘respected’. Less than a week later, but hours before the consequent reshuffle … Continue reading Micro-reshuffle. No-one hurt.

Day 80 – Attacks to right of them, Attacks to left of them

Macron  Interviewed by a private Algerian TV station (while there this week), Macron attacked (in French) the past: ‘Colonisation is part of French history. It’s a crime, it’s a crime against humanity’ [thus ‘qualifying’ what he’d said in October about Algerian colonisation’s ‘positive’ aspects]. Fillon instantly counter-attacked: ‘This detestation of our history, this permanent repentance is unworthy of a Presidential Candidate’. The FN were still more … Continue reading Day 80 – Attacks to right of them, Attacks to left of them

Day 83 – Still no debate. No issues. No campaign.

Fillon can’t escape ‘les affaires‘ Denying Saturday night’s rumours of imminent charges being brought against Fillon, the ‘anti-corruption Office’ investigating FakeJobsGate put out a press release on Sunday afternoon that ‘no decision’ had been taken and ‘no timetable’ had been fixed. ‘I will fight to the end’ were Fillon’s clear words from 9000 km away during his 3-day La Réunion less-than-jolly. He repeated that he was … Continue reading Day 83 – Still no debate. No issues. No campaign.

Day 86 – As I was saying before I …

Plus ça change … Has anything changed? A Harris poll found 81% of the French greatly or fairly interested by this election – up substantially since 2 months ago before the Socialist primary. That’s about the only thing actually to have changed. Closing Time Approaching for M. Fillon? After dismissing the ‘Plan B’ attempt to dump him as B for Bérézina, Fillon moved up the alphabet to … Continue reading Day 86 – As I was saying before I …

Day 89 – Lots of worrying things

Fillon – strong but still fragile. Operation Transparency has resulted in the publication of lots of detail about Fillon’s ‘wealth’ and the payments to his wife. Those who’ve always wanted a rather lovely-looking French chateau, and who may indulge in the Politics of Envy, might yearn harder when told that this 1107 sq. m. chateau (PLUS 1062 sq m of outbuildings PLUS 993 sq m … Continue reading Day 89 – Lots of worrying things

Day 91 (pt 3) – What do I know?

Fillon fights on. Speaking slowly and clearly for 20 minutes to 200 journalists (50 from overseas), Fillon took 25 minutes’ questions. He said that for 35 years his ethics had been ‘irreproachable’. He had at all times wholly ‘respected the law’. Fillon gave details of his wife’s net monthly salary and her rôle, saying the employment of his wife and children had always been totally … Continue reading Day 91 (pt 3) – What do I know?

Day 91 (pt 2) – Surely Fillon can’t survive

The thinning thread by which Fillon hangs. Two leading investigative journalists at Le Monde  (Davet and Lhomme – they wrote the stunning book of interviews that finally did for Hollande) have just published information about Fillon’s children. Fillon had claimed – as part of his first Operation Transparency interview a week back – that he needed to tell us that he had not only employed his … Continue reading Day 91 (pt 2) – Surely Fillon can’t survive