The initial reaction of misguided Républicains party leader, Wauquiez, was to describe the result as ‘not meeting the expectations raised by their campaign’. After all, expectations must surely have been relatively high for a party list led by a Eurosceptic Catholic philosophy teacher whose previous campaigns were largely confined to opposition to same-sex marriage. Continue reading Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Day 90 – Dear Reader: A question to you

A Question to Readers. My attempt to blog for 100 days until the Presidential Election has become a near-obsessive challenge. The self-imposed pressure to post requires me to pick up that quotidian gauntlet. If that’s how it is for me, what’s it doing to some of you poor folk? Every day without fail, sometimes twice (heaven forfend, even thrice), arrives That Email presaging possibly yet … Continue reading Day 90 – Dear Reader: A question to you