Where’s that bucket and spade?

The Bosses’ Boss Unlike many countries, the person who heads up the largest employers’ federation is a near-national figure. The election of the person who is to lead the Mouvement des Entreprises de France (MEDEF) is followed closely by the heavyweight newspapers. MEDEF gets nearly a third of its €38 million budget from The State as payment for its participation, along with trade unions, in such activities … Continue reading Where’s that bucket and spade?

Day 95 (pt 2): Who’s manipulating whom?

Trump supporters. Are online Trump supporters really at it? Wikileaks. Not the slightest idea as to what FP is, but it’s Wikileaks that has now placed 3,630 Fillon-related documents on its Twitter site. Is Wikileaks a Putinesque Russian mouthpiece? Maybe naively, I still find that very difficult to credit at all. Though Wikileaks apparent inability (disinterest? unwillingness?) to produce anything critical of Russia merely adds to … Continue reading Day 95 (pt 2): Who’s manipulating whom?