Create a phrase using these words: Sinking/Leave/Ship/Rats?

There’d be a no-holds-barred reflection on how to tax inheritance, so as to fight against ‘increasing inequalities due to birth’. But it took just 72 hours for the Elysée to comment: oh no there won’t. ‘The President has formally excluded any change to inheritance rights during his term of office’. For any myopic who failed to see what was written clearly on the wall, the President was quoted as saying: ‘Stop messing with the pensioners … We’re not touching inheritance taxes as long as I’m here’. Continue reading Create a phrase using these words: Sinking/Leave/Ship/Rats?

Micro-reshuffle. No-one hurt.

The personal is political … sometimes it’s even a bit fiscal The sudden resignation of environmental rock-star and TV pundit Nicolas Hulot – from his all-too-impotent role as France’s Environment Minister – was, said President Macron (in a largely unsuccessful attempt to downplay the significance of Hulot’s departure) a ‘personal decision’ which he ‘respected’. Less than a week later, but hours before the consequent reshuffle … Continue reading Micro-reshuffle. No-one hurt.

Where’s that bucket and spade?

The Bosses’ Boss Unlike many countries, the person who heads up the largest employers’ federation is a near-national figure. The election of the person who is to lead the Mouvement des Entreprises de France (MEDEF) is followed closely by the heavyweight newspapers. MEDEF gets nearly a third of its €38 million budget from The State as payment for its participation, along with trade unions, in such activities … Continue reading Where’s that bucket and spade?