Micro-reshuffle. No-one hurt.

The personal is political … sometimes it’s even a bit fiscal The sudden resignation of environmental rock-star and TV pundit Nicolas Hulot – from his all-too-impotent role as France’s Environment Minister – was, said President Macron (in a largely unsuccessful attempt to downplay the significance of Hulot’s departure) a ‘personal decision’ which he ‘respected’. Less than a week later, but hours before the consequent reshuffle … Continue reading Micro-reshuffle. No-one hurt.

Where’s that bucket and spade?

The Bosses’ Boss Unlike many countries, the person who heads up the largest employers’ federation is a near-national figure. The election of the person who is to lead the Mouvement des Entreprises de France (MEDEF) is followed closely by the heavyweight newspapers. MEDEF gets nearly a third of its €38 million budget from The State as payment for its participation, along with trade unions, in such activities … Continue reading Where’s that bucket and spade?

Of bridges, viaducts, and other holidays

A favourite song with ‘Holiday’ in the title France’s 11 national public holidays (jours fériés) each year is a bit over the European average. But since any French public holiday falling on a Saturday/Sunday is lost – and not ‘transferred’ (as in many countries) to the next working day – life isn’t quite so different (public-holiday-wise) to most neighbours. However a long-standing tradition (for those … Continue reading Of bridges, viaducts, and other holidays